WHVE wrote memoirs.

"The memoirs are inscribed on several hundred small notebook pages in the old gentelman's mostly legible hand. An examination of the memoirs leaves the impression that they were written over several years. Some of the accounts of adventures are repeated, as if he decided his first version was not sufficiently detailed. His exact recounting of names, places, and most dates indicates that von Eberstein kept some sort of personal log or diary during his early years, but such records did not survive.

Anyone interested in Von Eberstein's memoirs is indebted to three of his descendents. His granddaughter, Mrs. Annis Harding Reed and her husband, Colonel C. Wingate Reed, transcribed all of his original pages onto legal sized typescript or carefully hand written pages. The transcriptions accurately repeat the few mispellings, the old fashioned construction, and the few repetitive accounts. The Reeds gathered all of the old Baron's letters, Confederate Army documents and other material written by him or about his family. His great granddaughter, Mrs. Annis Harding Tripp donated the complete file to the Manuscript Collection of the Joyner Library at East Carolina University."

-- excerpt from an anonymous 3-page typed description

East Carolina University has a page about their collection here:

I, William Henry

The Reeds wrote a 700 page 1st-person novel entitled I, William Henry. It was based on the memoirs, and sometimes quoted them almost ver-batim. It has not been published.

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