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Bennewitz, by Halle a/S 13st August 1851

My Dear William,

I have to acknowledge the receipt

of yr three last kind letters from Bremen, Salcombe &

New York which latter I rec.d on the 17th July. For the

contents of the former, I return you my best thoughts in

the name of my dear Henry, who also adds his and a K???

and says he loves his uncle William who is gone on board ship.

The little fellow is grown very much and is very active. -

I ???? your ???? exactly, and should have been glad

to hear some particular from yo?? what ??????????

-?ers you had, whether you have improved in German at all,

how you passed your time and so further. - When you next

write, inclose Mother's letter in mine to avoid the double

postage, also direct via^ Bremen as they are much cheaper

than through England. For this purpose you must inquire

when the Mails leave New York, which you can ascertain

in every Post Office. - I have waited to answer yr last,

as I wished to give you some Account of my Harvest which

I can only do in part as it is not yet concluded and the

Packet Sails on the 5th. To commence with the Rapeseed,

the whole Spring and Summer have been so wet, that al-

-most 2/3 has been destroyed, otherwise I should have had a

good quantity, 91 Bush. is what I have. The Caraway has

shared the same fate in a still worse degree, the Rye is

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more than half lost, only. 187 1/2 Schocks. My Peas are fine

and have given 64 Shocks, Wheat, thank God, splendid,

392 Shocks very heavy two-thirds of it. The Summer

Rye which you helped me to pick has been more than

half destroyed through the rains, has only yielded ??? Schlock,

3/4 of the Barley are good but of light quality; , The

Beans ???? well , and the Oats are splendid, particu-

-larly those I sowed on the day of yr. departure from Bre-

-men. I have made 7 Loads Hay and 17 ???ove? which

last, however, is nearly spoilt, Besides 4 loads of good.

Your little brown Mare I have exchanged, the old brown

the Mare with the white mane and a new Horse dead,

the last two of Glanders, which made me very anxious lest

I should lose the whole of the rest ? little Fox grows

nicely ?? ?? ? has again been heard upon

?????? such ??? are no trifles. All the horses I now have

are thank God, good. My Beets will probably not be

as good as last year, my Sugar-Beets only middling,

the weather has prevented us from working them properly,

Potatoes will only be middling. If you can obtain from

a farmer for me the little Potatoe Apples which grow

on the top of the stalk, squeeze them out in a glass of

water and try a small portion of the seed, a small quan-

-tity of which you can inclose in a letter about 50 seeds of

each sort, you would do me a great favor, particularly

some of the sweet potatoes and the large Yams or

what you call them, which you have so often praised

to us. - Give us a long account of your doings in

your next letter, whether you have completed your

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??? if you are doing well and a thousand other things

which we should be glad to hear. Mother wrote to you

immediately on receipt of yours which I knew or I

should have contrived to write before. With regard to our-

-selves I have not anything particular to state, you

know what a monotonous life we lead, one day like

every other. - ??????????????????????????????

for the Harvest, and never have I had more trouble

or disatisfaction, such a lazy race without any

????tation in their employments, I have been obliged

to scold almost every two or three days, and at length

obliged to send away five before the Harvest is completed.

We are all well and hope to hear the same from you. You re-

-member the soldier I hired as we picked the rye, he turned out

to be a most ???? ??? scoundrel. I thrashed him once.

Is the cu??? your leg perfect? - What did  ?

Schulz say when you returned with it cured?

Now, my dear William, write a long account about

yourself, your doings, your p??spects and rest as-

-sured that your welfare will ever have much interest

for us. Since your coming over here, I have

again learnt to feel what it is to have a Brother

????????? Brothers' love he ????

?? mine. With the sincerest good wishes for

your prosperity and the prayer to the Almighty

that he may spare you with trials and the expression

of ___our___ affectionate love, I remain, my dear Wm,

ever your most attached Brother,

F R C von Eberstein


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