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I send you in this purse a keepsake

which I have worked for you with

many, many good wishes. I choose

the colour of gold as I know you will

try and work for it, so I hope it

will soon have to keep some gold and

one day so many pieces of it please

God, that you may be and can be

inclined to come over again to your

family and friends and good old Germany.

By that I must remind you, if possible

not to forget altogether the language.

During your passage you have even

the best opportunity of improvement.

Had you but had from the beginning

more wish to learn, we would have

had then more chanse to keep you

here, but as it is you may be better

there, so God protect and guide

you that the final wish of


               German sister


My dear little Henry, whom you always

loved so dearly too, has not yet forgotten

his uncle William, he is improving every

day, and our greatest joy and happiness, pray

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with us that God may spare him for

his parents. Adieu once more my dear

Brother William. -----


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